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Novelty Adult Themed Candles

Novelty Adult Themed Candles


NEW to our candle line, 18+ adult themed candles.

*See Label Photos for full description*

8oz 100% soy candle with 50+hr burn time

All Adult Themed Candles Come Discretely Packaged

Take A Long Walk Off A Short Pier - Dockside

Morning Wood - Oud Wood

Nice Butt - Peach

Light Me For A BJ - Banana

Queen of F*cking Everything - Himalayan Salt & Orchid

Don’t be a B*tch- Sage & Sea Salt

Let’s Get Lit - Tobacco

My Last F*ck - Flannel Blanket

Light Me When You’re Horny -

If it Doesn’t Bring You Income, Inspirations or Orgasms it Doesn’t Belong in Your Life - Caribbean Breeze

Calm Your Tits - Smells Like Passive with a Sh*t Load of Aggression - Stress Relief

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